How to order

Please use my On-line Secure Shopping cart for order. That’s very easy!! I ship orders to ALL countries including USAEuropeSingaporeUKCanadaAustralia.

  1. Select item(s) that you want and put it(them) in Shopping cart.
  2. Click “check out” button for placeing order.
  3. When having completed member registration already, please log in. When member registration is not completed, Please give me registration after filling in necessary information, such as a name and an address.
  4. When you want to ship the item(s) to the address other than the egistered address, please check the "Ship to a different address?". and register a new address.
  5. Chose shipping method.
  6. Read a Terms and Conditions, and check in a check box, please. And please click a "Place Order" button. At this point, you will be receiving an "Your akiba-doujin-onlin provisional order was received" email from the site.
  7. You will be prompted to a credit card payment page. (You can use with the credit card of VISA, MasuterCard and JCB.) Follow the instructions, enter your credit card information and click the “Authentication” button. (You may be asked if this is a trusted page or not. If that is the case, please make sure to click “trusted” to proceed.) After the payment, you will be prompted to the "akiba-doujin-online" site order page. Also at this point, you will be receiving an "Your Order Succeeded" email from the credit card company. (Please note your order has not been completed and we will not ship your ordered item if the payment ends up in error.)
  8. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you a message. We process an order in 2-5 business day, and ship the item(s) to you. When you ordered on weekend, it may take more1-2days. There is a case where time takes about 7-14 days by dispatch at busy time, such as a Comiket. Please understand it. We contact your e-mail address if we send out the item(s) to you.

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