About Store :

Q : Some of the doujin violates law in possessing or import adult material but how about hentai doujinshi? A : Actually every country has different law regarding adult oriented material and we are out of control for each country.
Before proceeding to the checkout site, Akiba-Doujin-Online assumes that the purchaser is aware of his/her local and state laws regarding adult oriented material. Akiba-Doujin-Online is not liable in any way if legal action is taken against the purchaser by their local or state government.
Q : How often do you upload new item?
A : We upload new item between 4-6 days in a week.
Q : Do you take whole sale order?
A : No we don’t. We only do retail business.
Q : Do you accept order request from 1 item?
A : Actually we do,
Q : Do you sell any Yaoi doujinshi?
A : No we don’t, but we do accept Yaoi Manga request if you know the title.
Q : Do you trade product?
A : Sorry, we do not trade items with clients, only retailings.
Q : Do you have real store in Japan?
A : We only have on-line store here as Akiba-Doujin-Online.
Q : What do you do if my item lost? A : I will claim to Japanese Post office , then I will refund or ship same item again (if it is in stock).
As I ship items with insurance, They rarely get lost. 99.7% orders arrive safety from Japan. But sometime delivery delay happen via Airmail (Small packet)(1-3weeks delay) and SAL (Economy Aire)(Small Packets)(take 2-4 weeks) *It take 3-4 weeks for Japanese Post office claim checking. My Refund or same item shpping is after Post office checking.
Q : Can I know excact pairing?
A : Sorry No . please guess looking at sample images.
Q : Can you send more scans?
A : No. sorry.
Q : When “out of stock item” will be restock? A : It depends on the item. If it is old issue doujinshi ( more than 1 year ) , it will be very hard for restocking.
As for new issue doujinshi, it will be 5-14 days if it is not out of stock. As you know, doujin items are a few publication,so doujin items will be sold out and dead stock soon.
Q : item which I wanted disappeared the category. What should happen?
A : It is sold out. When a item is sold out, it will disapper from the category.
Q : Could you discount if I buy many items? A : No. Sorry. Because Akiba-Doujin-Online is not for whole sales.
And doujin items are rare so it is hard for selling many same items.
Q : Can you translate doujin?
A : No. Sorry . We can not translate. There are some doujin translate service at web, please ask them.
Q : Can I sell my old doujinshi to Akiba-Doujin-Online? A : No. Sorry. We do not deal used doujinshi very much.
We recommand to sell them at ebay.com or anime shop in your country.
Q : Can I cansel order after online payment? A : No. Sorry. Your order may be shipped before sending us cansel email.
Please be carefull before sending your payment.
Q : Can I add some items after making ordering?
A : No. Sorry. Your order may be shipped before sending us adding email if you use credit card.
Q : Do you have any uncensored hentai items?
A : No. Sorry . We do not have any uncensored hentai items. (Selling uncensored items is illegal in Japan)

About Shipping :

Q : How long does it take for shipping? A : If you chose EMS it takes 5-9 days.
If you chose Airmail (Small packet) it takes 1-3 weeks. If you chose SAL (Economy Aire)(Small Packets) it takes 2-4 weeks.
Q : How much is shipping cost? A : Shipping cost differ by items. For knowing shipping ,please put the item(s) that you want in the shopping cart.
Then put any # at Zip Code, finally click "Caluculate" botton. After a few seconds, shopping cart system calculates shipping by weight automatically. The approximate amount of money please check Shipping & Returns.
Q : What if the package has been damaged when it arrived? A : In the case of Airmail (Small packet) or SAL (Economy Aire)(Small Packets).
You can claim to your country Post office for the damage. Sorry ,I cannot claim damages from Japan. In the case of EMS. Every package from our store via EMS insures $200 refund for damages on package. Please send us email if the package received was damaged (attaced image is appriciated) and we will contact to Postal Service here in Japan.
Q : What country have you ever shipped?
A : United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom France Germany Finland Norway Austria Spain Italy Australlia Newzeland Thailand Singapore Hong Kong Chile.
Q : How long does it take for readying for ship after my online payment? A : I will ship most orders within a 48 hours.
And you ordered on weekend, it may take more1-2days. There is a case where time takes about 3-4 days by dispatch at busy time, such as a Comiket. I will email you after shipping.
Q : How can I track my order?
A : If you choose EMS, you can track orders by #. please click on the link below for track.
From JAPAN (in English) ●USA    ●CanadaAustraliaGermanyUKFranceSingaporeSwedenSwissHong Kong *If you choose Airmail (Small packet) or SAL (Economy Aire)(Small Packets) for shipping , you cannot track it online.
Q : Can you ship other shipping method?
A : No , I can not. Sorry.
Q : Do you accept Returns? A : I accept return within 14 days from its receipt.
Please contact me first for return before you ship it back to me. Item has to be returned in an original condition when you receive. Wrong Item Shipped: When the item is defective, I will exchange or replace the items for free. If there is no stock, I will refund. When you are to return the item without a good reason, please send us a notification E-mail and return it at your expense. We cannot receive returning goods in following cases:
1. When it is over 15 days after the delivery date. 2. When the items package is open or the item is once used.
(When a plastic bag is opened) Returning due date We will replace or refund based on your request for the defective product. Please notify and return it back to us within 7 days after your receiving it. Shipping cost of returning goods We will bear the shipping cost for the defective items or wrong items. In case you ordered the wrong item, please bear the shipping cost by yourself. Thank you.

Import Duty, custom, tax and law :

Q : Do I have to pay custom duty tax for accepting items from Japan?
A : It depends on your country.
Q : Is it illegal to buy hentai items at my country? A : It depends on your country.
Sorry I can not answer this question. Akiba-Doujin-Online items are not illegal in Japan. As for your country, please search by yourself. Please order Akiba-Doujin-Online items at own your risk.

About Special request :

Q : Can I request a special order? A : Yes, you can.
Whether it is an item that has been out of stock at our store for some time, or it is an item that you have been wanting, we will try and find it for you, with our Shoping Agent service. If you want to request a special order, Please send me email by mail forms of "Contact Us".
Q : Can you find an old, or rare doujinshi for me?
A : We cannot promise anything, but we will try our best.
Q : Can I request many items all at once, to save myself time? A : Sorry, no. Our Shoping Agent service only allows you to request one item at a time.
This is to keep things easier for us when searching for your items. The only way to ask us to search for more than one item at a time, is to request everything seperate, by filling out the request form for every single item you want.
Q : I’ve found many items in one Yahoo! Japan auction. Would I pay you just one handling fee for all of them? A : Sorry, but we have to account for every item, because the Shoping Agent service is for finding single items.
There are other websites offering auction agency services. We are item getters, not auction agents, but this does not mean we will not search Yahoo! for your item.
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