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Doujinshi : 同人誌

Dojinshi is a magazine that is made by particular fans of these anime, manga with chipping their own money. These fans people make their own original stories. The story's theme is depend on these authors. Dojinshis are made from these dedicated amateur people. Normally, Dojinshi is the special fan book that is made from big fan of theme. and there are many doujinshi made by Professional as of copy right problem and demond. sometimes, they have a problem about royality of original stories. Usually, there is not a lot of Dojinshis printed compare to the normal books. Some of them were published once, and often never reprinted when they sold out. Sometimes the rare dojinshis are published only 10 to 200 books. Even if they are popular one, they are published around 500 to 2000 books only.


Hentai : ヘンタイ

"Hentai" means sexual contents that were expressed with manga or animation for men and women of over 18 years old. In Japan, we don’t use the word of "Hentai" in dojinshis, animations, mangas. We called them "Danseimuke (for men)" or "18kin (ocer 18)". The word of "Hentai" is used by many countries. The Japanese original means of "Hentai" that abnormal or Degeneracy.


Futanari : フタナリ

"Futanari", another wards Shemale , means women who have a male simbole. There are used by sex between woman and woman. Check Ftanari Doujinshi!!


Yuri : ユリ

"Yuri" means Lesbian’s description between women and women. Japanese original mean of "yuri" is "Lily". There are a lot of women whose name is "Yuri". (some are lesbian :op) Check Yuri Doujinshi!!


Yaoi : ヤオイ

"Yaoi" means the love stories or sexual contents of gay people’s. "Hard Yaoi" means Porno contents that sexual expressed between men and men. "Soft Yaoi" means the love stories between men and men. Originaly, Yaoi means no rising, no punch line and no meaning in Japanese.


Shota : ショタ

"Shota" means the sexual contents of Gay boys and boys (homosexual). Check SHOTA, YAOI, BL (BOYS LOVE) Doujinshi!!


Lolita / Lolicon / Loli : ロリータ / ロリコン / ロリ

"Lolita・Lolicon・Loli" means girl’s porno of sexual contents. In Japan, these magazine or books are legal contents.

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