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Thank you for visiting. Please use below form for contacting us. Or, Just email us to : info{at} (please change {at} to @ , sorry this is spam reason.) We will replay ASAP. (useually 1-2days on weekend 2-4days) You may find answer at FAQ page. *As there are many questions, we may not replay your question answered at FAQ page.

Special Request

If you have a “Doujinshi” or “Japanese Item” that you looking for, please let me know the Doujinshi’s title, Name of Author, Circle, Item URL or Item’s title, Name of Maker, Item URL and so on… (if you know)

You can send me email by following forms anytime! I will try my best to find your items for you!!

Thank you!!

----I got feedback from a Malaysian customers about Special Request.---- Great service and super fast shipment! I was looking for a manga collection and i can't seem to find them anywhere that's cheap, be it online or off. So i thought that maybe i could ask the store if they could somehow locate some cheaper ones for me. And that they did, but here's a kicker; he offered me some used ones. I was of course a bit skeptical about having to buy used stuff but then he gave me the details of the items along with their sites, and after a few hours of decision making, i said what the heck. He did mentioned the items as mint, and the price was waaay cheaper than the new ones. So i went along and made the payment. Almost a week later (there was a public holiday going on in my country, that's why it was taking that much time, otherwise maybe just a few days), i received my package and lo and behold all of them looks exactly brand new! I mean i've seen new mangas with condition much worse than that, it's shocking! Long story short if you're kinda skeptical about using the request page, don't be. Because: 1. They will try their best to find the best option for you and let you decide whether to get it or not. 2. They ship fast (once they receive the item, they'll send it almost immediately and multiple shipping methods available) 3. They pack the items nicely so not to damage your goods. 4. Great customer service. 5. There is a service charge (obviously, because we are asking them to buy the stuff for us) but it's not that expensive. Do take note though, while the store definitely ships the item fast, how long will it take to arrive at your doorsteps solely depends on your postal service. There's nothing much the store can do about it. Just an advice; use EMS. It's kinda fast and they have tracking. That goes for the condition of the package too. If you've seen some youtube videos on how the postal service handles your package, it'll send shivers to your spines. So if the box looks like an elephant just stepped on it, it's definitely the postal service. And the store makes sure the content of the box stays safe by packing them really nicely and all by papers, bubble wraps and whatnot. Well, most stores does this but my main point is they treat your goods the same way professional big store like amiami or jlist treats their customer.

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