More Items from Comiket 88 coming up now!

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The biggest event of this summer 2015, Comiket 88 has been held!
I have been prepared for this event since over a month ago. However, I am not as ready as much like previous years due to solving problems of the sever errors.
Thus, I am hurrying to add more new items from C88 now.

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Today’s Doujin products recommendation
for Men
040030327262-1pTousaka-ke no Kakei Jijou Soushuuhen 1
CATEGORY: Fate (Series)
MAIN CHARACTER: Rin Tousaka Saber / Arturia Pendragon

Today’s featured anime song:
Umaru Doma[CV.Aimi Tanaka]

The ending music of anime, “Himouto! Umaru-chan

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