There are some issues on our website.

Hello, everyone!
I’m akibadaisuki aka Takeshi, the owner of Doujinshi Store akiba-doujin-online and Yaoi! akiba-doujin-online!

Currently, I have been adding new items from Comiket 88, which will start on August 14.
However, there seems to be a problem on our website.

Several customers notified me that they could not purchase items. There is no problem viewing the website at this point; however, some customers experienced following two major problems.

1. “Wish List” is not functioning. Items cannot be added to “Wish List”
2. After you choose shipping method, you cannot click “Place Order” on the checkout page, and order does not complete
These problems do not occur when we test it from Japan. Therefore, I did not notice of them until I received messages from my customers.

Have you ever experienced these problems before?
If you have a chance, could you test out to see if you can add items on the “Wish List” and to see if you can click “Place Order”? I will greatly appreciate if you could give me feedbacks of your experience.
I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience may you have experienced. I am trying my best to solve this matter ASAP.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks for reading ,my newsletter!

Have a great Otaku day!!

akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gomoto
Doujinshi shop akiba-doujin-online

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