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There was a game event, E3, few days ago.

I found so many exciting information of upcoming releases such as, remake of “FINAL FANTASY VII,” “NieR New Project,” “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate,” new trailer movie of “MGSV:TPP,” and so on.

Especially, the demonstration of “MGSV:TPP” that was held at the hall, caught my eyes.

Just like before, every time the demonstration of “MGSV:TPP” is opened to public, they always shows new elements.
For sure, the new “MGSV:TPP” must be better than ever!
This is not yet up on YouTube, but I can’t wait to see the video soon.

Actually, the video is now on YouTube, right after I wrote this article. So many new elements are added to it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a description in Japanese, I didn’t catch some details well, but I was so impressed by D-wolker!

In Japan, some people worry about what will happen to Mr. Kojima and his team members. They concern about the quality of “MGSV:TPP” may go down if he leaves. So as me, because I like his games, too.
Is there a new game that you are keeping your eyes on?
Let’s share it with me!

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CATEGORY: Precure! (series)
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Today’s featured anime song:
西沢幸奏: Ena Nishizawa
吹雪: Fubuki

The ending music of anime, “Kantai Collection -Kan Colle-”

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