We are excited to share the news that our store carries over 2000 items now!!

Hello everyone!

I’m Takeshi, the owner of Doujinshi Store akiba-doujin-online.com!

Recently, our store, akiba-doujin-online, reached over 2000 Doujin items on our listings!
We are adding new Doujinshi & Doujin Items daily.
Doujon items are often times rare and hard to get. They don’t stay in the shelf too long.

Don’t miss your chance to get “New Item” before it’s gone.

Soon, there is an upcoming Doujin event, Sunshine Creation2015 Summer.
So, now I am preparing for it to add those new items to our store.
Do you have your favorite Manga artists and/or titles in that event?
If you do, please let us know!

Thanks for reading ,my Blog!

Have a nice Otaku day!

akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gomoto
Doujinshi shop akiba-doujin-online

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