Comiket Special 6 OTAKU Summit was held!

Comiket Special 6 OTAKU Summit DoujinshisKonnichiwa!

I am akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gohmoto that the owner of Doujinshi Store akiba-doujin-online.

Comiket Special 6 OTAKU Summit” Festival of Otaku Doujinshi once in five years was held!
Various booth and exhibition designed as “OTAKU Summit” this time, and were performed!
And much attractive Doujinshis was also issued!

A lot of “Comiket Special 6 OTAKU SummitDoujinshis already arrived at the store!

Comiket Special 6 OTAKU Summit

I’ll also add new “Comiket Special 6 OTAKU SummitDoujinshis to the store from now on!

If you have a “Comiket Special 6 OTAKU SummitDoujinshis you wish to purchase, please send us an email from the “CONTACT US” form.

or Give me an email without reserve to “info{at}akiba-doujin-online.com
(please change {at} to @ , sorry this is spam reason.)

I will prioritize these items to be listed first on the site.

Looking forward to serving you in the near future.
Thank you!

Due to the site domain change, previous email address “info{at}akibadaisuki,jp” and “takeshi.gohmoto{at}akibadaisuki.jp” are
now changed to “info{at}akiba-doujin-online.com” and “takeshi.gohmoto{at}akiba-doujin-online.com“.
(please change {at} to @ , sorry this is spam reason.)
Please update your contact information accordingly.

Thanks for reading,

akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gomoto
Doujinshi shop akiba-doujin-online

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