Happy New Year!! and I’m sorry to have kept you waiting

Akemasite Omedetou!!
Happy New Year!!

I am akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gohmoto that the owner of Doujinshi Store akibadaisuki.jp.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
I’m preparing a new site now.
I was scheduled to open in 2014 year.
However, the schedule has been delayed.
Open is going to be around January 10th.
I will contact you if a new site is open.

If there are Doujinshis that you want to order before it, I received the order by e-mail.
Please tell me URLocator of Doujinshis you want.

My address is “info{at}akibadaisuki.jp”
(please change {at} to @ , sorry this is spam reason. )

I will send you the detailed estimate.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting again.
Thanks for reading,

akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gomoto

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