When the site was made new, I designed a new site logo.

I am akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gohmoto that the owner of Doujinshi Store akibadaisuki.jp.

My site “akibadaisuki.jp” isn’t normally functioning by a site error at present.
I think to trouble you regrettably.

I was requesting to site engineer for solution of the error.
However, contact can’t have been made any more with a site engineer.

I was very worried, but I have decided to open a new Doujinshi shop with new site engineer.
Now, I’m making a new site in a great hurry to have done by winter Comiket 87.

The name of New site is “Akiba-Doujin-Online”.
(It’s still in the state of the test site.)

When the site was made new, I designed a new site logo.
Please let your opinion on the site logo design!!

A new site improves movement and indication comfortably!
And it’s going to cope with indication in a smartphone and the tablet.
It is scheduled to adopt the new features in addition.

Please wait and hope!!

Thanks for reading,

akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gomot

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