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Thank you for coming my web store. I am akibadaisuki aka Takeshi Gohmoto that the owner of Doujinshi Store Akiba-Doujin-Online. I live in Japan. I love Japanese OTAKU culture such as Anime,Game,Hobby’s stuff. I was working as a producer by the maker of the adult video of Japan, before opening Doujinshi Store Akiba-Doujin-Online. I produced many JAVs (especially cosplay AV). I love Japanese anime and game, figure, cosplay, Hentai Doujinshi as well as JAV. I go for Comiket and it is a pleasure to look for Otaku item and likes it. l would like to introduce these. Japanese Anime, Game and Hobby’s to the people at all over the world, so I had started to sell Dojinshis at eBay since Sept. 2009. I have sold more than 3000 items and gotten POWER SELLER, TOP RATED SELLER reward!! Most of my customers satisfied my selling items and my fast delivery.  

My eBay ID :akiba-doujin-online eBay : About Me page My eBay Store : akiba-doujin-online OTAKU Store I opened my own store for you can buy any good Dojinshis. I am happy that you can enjoy shopping at my web store!!


I will deliver the information of Japanese otaku content (Japanese Anime and Games, Cute Japanese Cosplayers, Doujinshi, Adult Comics, JAV and more). In addition to the information of Doujinshi Store Akiba-Doujin-Online in the future.    


PS. I have just started twitter. ID : Please follow me!!


this is my facebook. Takeshi Gohmoto The topic in the item and the animated cartoon that I was anxious in Japan is sometimes written. I would like to be your friend for your interested Japanese animated catoons. Of course it’s not related of my business. just be my friend.        

facebook page

and this is a Facebook page of Akiba-Doujin-Online. Doujinshi Otaku Goods from Japan Worldwide Deliverly We update the latest information of Akiba-Doujin-Online. Please check it!!                          
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